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    Pre + Postnatal Personal Training

    First of all, congratulations on the great news! May God bless you, and your little bundle of joy abundantly. That said, no matter your fitness level, exercise classes are a great way to keep fit, stay motivated and boost positivity. And that certainly doesn’t have to change when you’re pregnant or a new mom. In fact, attending pre or postnatal gym classes is a great way to meet other new or expectant parents. There’s also no denying the benefits to your physical and mental health – both of which can be tested during pregnancy and motherhood.


    Certified pre + postnatal personal trainer

    Our certified pre + postnatal personal trainer will focus on building up strength and endurance. We begin with instruction on correct posture and movement patterns as well as talk about diastase. During the training, we work on strengthening the core, large muscle groups, and the muscles of the pelvic floor. We do this by teaching functional movements. Each week, you’ll also get familiar with exercises such as the air squat, front squat, shoulder press, and deadlift.

    Our coach will offer safe and responsible training that has been specifically developed for pregnancy. In case of complaints such as a heavy feeling in the vagina, pain, incontinence, diastasis, or other doubts, the participants can be referred to our affiliated pelvic floor physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will do an examination, which is often covered by your insurance, and give feedback to our coach so we can have the right information and tailor all workouts to your needs. Meaning that during the course, mama and baby will be safe.


    Nutrition during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, good nutrition is more important than ever. From the moment you find out you’re expecting, everything changes. You want
    what’s best for your baby, but knowing what is best isn’t always a simple task. When it comes to nutrition, a google search can do more harm than good. Too much information can confuse and overwhelm you. If you need the right guidance in choosing nutritious food that will help you and your baby, then our holistic nutritionist is here to help as well. No complicated rules or crazy restrictions here. We will get to know your preferences and lifestyle, and then we map out real, practical, and sustainable changes.

    Benefits of pre + postnatal personal training


    One-on-one training in our private studio


    We focus on your needs and your needs alone.


    Fit and strong during pregnancy


    Reduced risk of C-section, pregnancy diabetes, lower back pain, incontinence & pelvic floor issues

    Interested? Please contact us for a free intake

    Meet your coach


    Interested? Please contact us for a free intake